Ditto PRServices Strategy Avoid the Summer Slump

Avoid the Summer Slump

It’s hot, sticky and just feels wrong to be anywhere but horizontal on the beach. Summer in New York City is a curious mix of cruel and extremely fun. By August, a general lethargy seems to hang over New Yorkers’ collective productivity, which is almost irksome as the pernicious smells that linger around this time. Let’s not even get into our feelings about the humidity.

Ditto is located in New York, and so are most of the journalists we interact with on a daily basis. So…. when clients and reporters alike are jetting (read: slowing inching though traffic) off to the Hamptons each weekend or unplugged on vacation with family, it takes a bit of extra effort to ensure that the value of PR and impact it generates stays on track.

These simple tips can help PR professionals to keep up momentum for their clients, despite the sticky, sleepy, dog days of summer:

Oh no, “OOO!” (leave yourself plenty of time to pitch)

  • Reporters go on vacation too. Pitch early and often, because when a client has a big announcement ina few days, you don’t want to be hit with a barrage of out-of-office emails. By pitching early, you’ll ensure that some extra time

Embargoed News

  • Similar to tip #1, it’s best leave reporters plenty of time to digest information you share, conduct interview and plan their coverage. Sharing news under embargo is a great way to do this. In the summer, consider extending the embargo time to allow reporters and clients on vacation plenty of time to plan. Some journalists may also be busier, as they cover responsibilities for colleagues out of the office, so extra lead time should be helpful.

Get Creative

  • Just because news is “slow” in the summer, doesn’t mean there still aren’t endless opportunities to insert your clients into stories. For example, this summer the election and the Olympics will dominate the news cycle. Rather than be intimidated, ask how your clients can offer some value to these conversations.
  •  This is also a great time to try out some more fun, light campaigns. For example, our firm has experimented with short video pitches and so far the response has been encouraging

Have a happy and productive Summer, everyone!

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