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Journalists Are Googling Your Company – Make Sure They Find The Right Info

With Business Wire recently releasing its annual Media Blueprint 2016 Survey Results, we wanted to call out this section on where media look for research on a company.

Look at those top three results.

When journalists want to learn about a company, their first stop is Google. And while a company’s website comes up at the top of the list, there are at least nine other “slots” on Google’s front page that are up for grabs that can could be filled in with news articles, Wikipedia pages, blog posts, YouTube videos and pictures from around the web. Further, a journalist seeking out specific information on the company, can add words like “partnership” or “fraud” that create a different “front page” of results.

It’s imperative that companies manage their online and search presences to reflect their best achievements, capabilities and differentiators. This can be done through a combination of keeping your website update to date with information and resources, building out your online corporate profiles on social networks and using traditional media relation tactics to help improve results in search.

Here are a few other interesting stats from the survey:

  • 60% of journalists are looking to include interactive media in their news coverage.
  • 59% of journalist say it doesn’t hurt to share content they’ve written about your company on social media.
  • However, 40% of new journalists (< 5 years) notice when you don’t share their article.
  • 37% of media would like to see brand articles about industry trends in a company’s newsroom.

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