Ditto PRServices Strategy How to Take Advantage of the Busiest Time of Year

How to Take Advantage of the Busiest Time of Year

With New Year’s Eve in-sight, everyone is feeling a bit nostalgic this time of year. Most reporters have filed their stories for the remainder of the year and PR shops are lying low until 2017. But before the out-of-office messages turn-on, there are a few things to keep in mind while trying to place a story or get client coverage. Consider these tips when pitching and who knows, maybe your clients will land a feature.

Offer a positive review of 2016 and insight into 2017

End-of-year is a great time for clients to reflect on their accomplishments, business development and growth, and offer practical outlooks as we enter a new year. Requesting point-of-view  about how they think their businesses fared in 2016 and where they see the industry evolving towards can definitely be useful in crafting an interesting, reflective pitch that reporters who are looking ahead without forgetting the great accomplishments of the pasts will appreciate and utilize.

Keep it light

We are all in agreement that 2016 was certainly a fascinating year. While the media will always report on the controversial topics and breaking news, most news this time of year revolves around feel good stories about community, family, charity and kindness. When pitching a story, especially closer to the holidays, make sure to keep it light-hearted and positive.

Local, local, local

If you have a local story, you’re golden. Media loves local stories around the holidays. Local heroes, community toy-drives and neighborhood tree-lightings (the list can go on forever) will certainly garner media attention.


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