Ditto PRCompany News The definition of PR is changing, and so are we.

The definition of PR is changing, and so are we.

Ditto started as a media relations shop, but how people consume information has changed and companies’ needs are evolving. As a result, the definition of “PR” has completely changed.

Here are the top four needs clients had in 2016:

1)     Content Creation – Writing and publishing op-eds should be a simple, painless process! We now specialize in the monthly process of writing, editing and publishing op-eds in top tier outlets. From HuffPo to TechCrunch to Fast Company, we give executives a voice in a new channel.

2)     Affordable Website and SEO – It shouldn’t cost a lot and it should take under 60 days to create a good website! Companies came to us for website creation that can be easily maintained and remain “active” to be as findable as possible on Google.

3)     Digital and Social Media – Companies are still lacking a basic approach to managing social channels! From social/digital counsel to platform creation, new businesses asked us to help create and launch these channels while other companies asked us to bring them up-to-date with digital trends.

4)     Big and Millennial Media Coverage – Companies want big media coverage, and they want it all the time. On average, our clients got 8-10 pieces of national coverage a month in top tier media outlets. They are also asking about podcasts, newsletters and Millennial focused outlets.

Just a quick update on what we are doing over here in Brooklyn!


PS: A lot of companies are calling Ditto the “anti-PR firm.” Click here to see how we are different.

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