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Download Our Communications Roadmap for Behavioral and Mental Health

If you’re a company in the behavioral or mental health sector, Mental Health Awareness Month is a great starting point for your business to join the media conversation around prevalent national issues like the opioid epidemic, public education, and policy change. Having a strong point of view, sharing success stories, and engaging both the professional and lay audiences will:

1.     Create awareness of your programs and services

2.     Position leadership as experts in the industry

3.     Drive enrollment and/or acquisition

4.     Improve community engagement

Ditto has experience guiding clients through various aspects of the Mental and Behavioral Health field. Last year we leveraged our clients BringChange2Mind and Newport Academy to create a successful Mindful Allies campaign with Mashable to help fight the stigma of mental illness by sharing real stories of people living with a variety of neurobiological disorders. The weeklong series had more than 2 million impressions, and each content piece was shared about 2K times.

With all of these elements in mind, Ditto has developed a communications roadmap to help companies plan their strategy for the coming year.

Download below and email [email protected] with any questions and feedback.




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