Ditto PRServices Strategy Three Free PR Tips to Get More Customers, Credibility

Three Free PR Tips to Get More Customers, Credibility

I had some time at work today and decided to lay out three ways you could increase awareness and get more customers because your comms strategy should be about awareness, customers, and credibility.

  1. Affordable Surveys – Through Google, you can conduct a survey for less than $3000.
    1. Result: Lots of content, increased credibility around an issue and tons of media coverage (5+).
    2. Note: The more surveys you do, the more interest you will get.
  2. External Op-Ed and Writing Strategy – A dedicated 6-month campaign to publishing writing outside of your own website/blog.
    1. Targets: LinkedIn, Medium, Forbes, Fast Company, etc.
    2. Result: Positions executives as thought leaders, increases credibility and awareness to customers, creates more opportunity (more op-eds, speaking engagements, media coverage, etc.).
  3. Customers and Visuals – The media loves to hear from real people, and don’t forget that TV needs a visual (your app or platform doesn’t work on TV).
    1. Result: Big national TV, impactful local coverage, and ongoing media coverage

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Bonus Tip: You can measure the value of PR by having a call to action! Instead of just creating tips for the media like “Three things every millennial should do to XXXX,” create a “Millennial XXX Toolkit” on your website, so the media can link back to it and you will know how many people downloaded it based on media coverage.


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