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Three Reasons Why the Bay Area Needs a New PR Firm

Last week, we opened Ditto West and hired an amazing person to the run the office.

It’s a risk, sure. But after meeting with a lot of people in the Bay Area, it became clear there’s a huge opportunity for a small PR firm, with a unique offering that’s focused on results – not fluff.

Here is what almost everyone told me:

1) Smaller is Better – The PR firms in San Francisco have grown too big, are too expensive, lost their personal touch and promise services (like writing!) that they aren’t good at. Ditto is small, scrappy and only senior-level PR pros.

2) Inside-the-Beltway Communications – One thing missing in the Bay Area is a PR Firm with current and former politicos who can explain to tech companies how to have a presence in DC, gain awareness and respect with stakeholders and the media, be positioned as a leader in your industry BUT not be so partisan/political that you piss off customers or worse…Trump.

3) New York attitude – Ditto has succeeded so far because we have a New York edge to how we approach PR: we work quick and hard and get big results immediately. No fluff, no BS. Just results that help your business. We still give hugs and do long hikes though!

And we are going to guarantee success to our new clients in the Bay Area or give them their money back. You read that right: If you hire Ditto, I guarantee success or it’s free! I’m that confident in our staff and our abilities, and I’m sick of PR people saying, “Well, there’s no guarantee in PR.” That’s such bullshit! You should know immediately if you are going to succeed on an account, and if you aren’t sure, you shouldn’t be taking this company’s money!

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