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3 Steps to Take to Generate Media Interest For a Complex Product, Concept or Company

It’s difficult to imagine a time when the Internet was still very much a mystery to the general public – or even when the general public was not keen to “be online” (in the video above Katie Couric mentions “a lack of desire to be a part of the Internet” – can you imagine that today?)  Now that we are in the era of machine learning, AI and alternate reality, we at Ditto are always prepared to both break down and explain the latest breakthroughs in technology.

Here are three steps to make your complex product palatable to the media:

Let’s use cryptocurrency as an example. Cryptocurrency is defined as “a digital currency or decentralized system of exchange that uses advanced cryptography for security.” Now, what exactly does this mean?

STEP ONE: Simplify the Definition or Overall Concept

We can all agree that the above definition of cryptocurrency would not make sense to a large majority of individuals. To overcome this lack of understanding, PR professionals need to simplify the definition in order for it to resonate with the general public and, therefore, the media.

Here is an example: “A cryptocurrency is a digital medium that people can use to securely send or receive funds online without needing a bank.”

STEP TWO: Highlight Differences Between the Old and the New

To further increase overall comprehension of something as new as cryptocurrency, it makes sense to highlight differences between cryptocurrency and currency (money) as the general public knows it.

STEP THREE: Find a Tie-In

Now that we have a simplified definition and have identified key differences between currency and cryptocurrency, it is important to demonstrate how it will impact everyday life. One applicable tie-in for cryptocurrency would be that most economic experts cite the U.S. banking system as the primary cause of the 2008 worldwide financial crisis; therefore, individuals may be motivated to switch to – or learn more about – a currency that has a decentralized network, effectively removing bank and government involvement. Another relevant tie-in would include the decreasing use of physical currency and the increasing use of digital peer-to-peer payment applications (such as Venmo, Splitwise, etc.) – and how cryptocurrency is the next logical step as the world becomes more digital.

What’s Next?

With these three steps complete, we are able to speak upon – and pitch – storylines on new, complicated technologies or even storylines for products or individuals that intersect with this technology. Plus – this exercise increased your own understanding of cryptocurrency, right?

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