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The Importance of Post-ICO Public Relations and Marketing

A few months ago, our CEO Trey Ditto shared best practices for how to conduct ICO communications, but now more than ever post-ICO public relations is critical to reach your target audiences.

Only a small percentage of ICOs succeedYou may or may not have utilized strategic communications in your ICO, but now is the time to be as open, transparent and external as possible.

Based on our industry experience, we put together this post-ICO public relations best practices guide to help address the most common communications challenges your company will face.

This guide will explain how to:

1. Keep Your Community Updated

Thousands of investors are excited about your token and protocol, and there’s an elevated level of transparent expectations from you now. We suggest consistent updates using a range of channels.

2. Expand Your Audience

After successfully building a dedicated community of early adopters and investors, it’s time to get in front of and reach potential new users, customers, partners and others who didn’t follow your ICO.

3. Prepare And Plan For a Crisis

Things aren’t going to go completely perfect. You are going to miss a deadline or get hacked or have something get leaked. Prior planning will dull these problems.

Ditto has experience — and proven results — in almost every aspect of blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICOs. Our clients include Monero, Urbit, Chronicled, CoinList, Samsa.ai, Numerai, and Current among others. Our results span mainstream, crypto, and trade publications with coverage in outlets that include the New York Times, Bloomberg, San Francisco Business Times, Bitcoinist.net, and Block Tribune.


Download The Post-ICO Public Relations Guide Here:


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