Ditto PRGet To Know Get to Know Team Ditto: Rosie Dale

Get to Know Team Ditto: Rosie Dale

Read more about Rosie Dale. Rosie has been working for Ditto for the past 10 months as an Senior Account Executive.

Getting To Know You

Where are you from?

I grew up in Walnut Creek CA, in the Bay Area, but I was born in England.

Can you tell me a little about your background?

I went to UC Davis, so I got my start in the Sacramento area, in political communications. I got to work on a lot of really interesting projects, including running a school board campaign (we won!). When I moved back to the Bay Area, I was at Nielsen for a while, and then most recently served as a Research Manager at Edelman Intelligence, the research branch of the PR firm Edelman.

Who is your spirit animal and why?

You mean my Patronus? Definitely something nimble, and graceful, like this majestic beast:

What would your ideal Sunday entail?

Bottomless mimosa brunch with friends, cooking at home to music, and watching Netflix with my husband and some takeout. (Two restaurant meals in one day? You did say “ideal,” not “typical,” soooo.)

If you could have dinner with three people – dead or alive – who would you choose?

I’m purposefully picking people who are currently alive: Stephen Colbert, Ricky Gervais, and Gordon Ramsay, who will be cooking said dinner.

What’s your favorite curse word?


How did you arrive in NYC/SF?

I grew up in the SF Bay Area, and moved back here after college.

Last song you listened to on your phone?

Say No to This, from Hamilton.

If I wasn’t in PR, I’d be…

I think I would have really enjoyed psychological research. I double majored, and Psychology was my “fun” one.

About your work at Ditto

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered (and hopefully overcome) at Ditto?

I think there’s inherent opportunity and challenge in working with startups. We’re catching a lot of companies early, and sometimes they’re still finding their way, so we need to supply some of the direction that would typically be coming from them. Not having a strong background in PR is up there too, but this isn’t the first time I’ve dived in head first and learned on the job!

- When a client says thank you

Do you have a moment this year you are particularly proud of?

Getting one of my crypto clients a feature story in Forbes around their funding announcement! Shoutout to SFOX, a prime broker dealer for institutional crypto investors.

If you had to describe Ditto in three words, what would they be?

Scrappy, smart, and offbeat.

Bigger thoughts on life and career

How do you think the PR industry could improve?

It seems like a lot of the PR industry doesn’t strike the right balance in being a partner to their clients. Clients hire PR firms to provide services they can’t do as well themselves. That means it’s our job to provide strategic counsel, even if that means (tactfully) telling them they’re wrong sometimes. The key is explaining why – everything should always be in their best interest, and should ladder up to their priorities and values.

- When I get a big piece of coverage

What makes for a positive work environment?

Supportive team members, respect for employee’s time and well-being, the right amount of challenge, and good lines of communication.

If you could go back in the time and give yourself advice before you walked into your very first job, what would you say?

I would probably tell myself to pretend I had more confidence, and act like it. You learn so much more by trying something new, or throwing out a bad idea and hearing why it wasn’t right, than by sticking to what you know, even though it can be scary. Obviously sometimes there isn’t room for error, but in the long run everyone makes mistakes, and yours are probably not going to outweigh the benefits of the lessons you learn. (TBH, this is something I still tell myself!)

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