Ditto PRStaff Get To Know Get to Know Team Ditto: Kendall Clark

Get to Know Team Ditto: Kendall Clark

Read more about Kendall Clark. Kendall has been working for Ditto for the past 2 years as a Associate Vice President.

Getting To Know You

Where are you from?

Guilford, CT
New Haven county > Fairfield county

Can you tell me a little about your background?

I grew up in CT, went to college in NH, lived in Rio de Janeiro for a chunk of time then shipped myself back to New England – to Boston (GO PATS!) – for a few years then moved to NYC in 2016.

Who is your spirit animal and why?

I think I’d be a whale because they’re gentle water giants. But my friends and family think I’m a miniature Greyhound in red high heels (I guess because I’m tall and like shoes?) or if a deer and platypus had a baby, that would be me!

What would your ideal Sunday entail?

Hiking up a mountain or jumping in the ocean followed by a long lunch with a few bottles of good wine with loved ones.

If you could have dinner with three people – dead or alive – who would you choose?

David Bowie, Michelle Obama and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

What’s your favorite curse word?

They are all my favorite.

How did you arrive in NYC/SF?

I fell in love with NYC at a young age. Growing up in CT my family always took advantage of the city but I knew that if I moved to NYC right after school I wouldn’t have left. So I took the first few years after school to travel before realizing home was back in the Northeast. Also, someone wise once told me when I was living in Boston, “Just quit your job and move to NYC, you’ll be fine…” I did just that and eventually started working for that wise person.

Last song you listened to on your phone?

King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar

If I wasn’t in PR, I’d be…

A floral designer, National Geographic photographer.

About your work at Ditto

How did you end up at Ditto? And why did you choose to work here?

I ended up working at Ditto because I wanted the type of company that rewarded its employees for getting results and thinking outside the box. But more importantly, when I walked in that interview day and met the people and felt the vibe, I knew it was right. I was sick and tired of working at a job where busy work and low expectations (of clients and work) were the name of the game.

- When I get a big piece of coverage

If you had to describe Ditto in three words, what would they be?

Original, collaborative, persistent.

What makes Ditto different than your past jobs?

There’s no ego. We all sit together, we grind elbow-to-elbow everyday and celebrate each other’s achievements, openly talk about struggles and find solutions. It’s pretty amazing being so close and real with colleagues – that’s something that certainly sets Ditto apart.

Bigger thoughts on life and career

How do you think the PR industry could improve?

I think a lot of PR people say “yes” to everything their clients want. I think instead of agreeing to every single little thing – even the bad ideas you know will flop in order to bill hours – there needs to be more collaboration and honesty between clients and the PR team. Also, I think the industry needs to add a major dose of transparency when pitching new business prospects.

What tips would you give someone on balancing work and personal time?

You have to set limits working in PR because the news never stops and client work will never end. Work hard at the office and when you’re off, do what you gotta do to stay healthy and happy, and take some space from work to let your brain think and explore new ideas and thoughts. But it’s up to you to create a balance and that limit.

What makes for a positive work environment?

The ability to be honest with your team and open-minded to individual creativity and style. Also, a Nespresso machine and a stocked bar.

If you could go back in the time and give yourself advice before you walked into your very first job, what would you say?

Ask more questions and understand it’s okay to not understand everything for a while.

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