Ditto PRGet To Know Get to Know Team Ditto: John Puskar

Get to Know Team Ditto: John Puskar

Read more about John Puskar. John has been working for Ditto for the past month as a Vice President.

Getting To Know You

Where are you from?

Connecticut and also spent some time in NC and DC.

Can you tell me a little about your background?

Capitol Hill and political campaign vet. MBA. Ran my own business. Head of communications and PR for multiple Fortune 500/large corporations.

Who is your spirit animal and why?

Mark Wahlberg…he just gets it.

What would your ideal Sunday entail?

Riding my bike to our boat and spending all day on the water with my family and dogs. And maybe a bacon, egg and cheese.

If you could have dinner with three people – dead or alive – who would you choose?

My wife and son. For a non-family member, Victor Frankl.

What’s your favorite curse word?


How did you arrive in NYC/SF?

By train.

Last song you listened to on your phone?

Juicy by Notorious BIG.

If I wasn’t in PR, I’d be…

Running a boat charter company somewhere warm and spending as much time as possible on the water.

About your work at Ditto

How did you end up at Ditto? And why did you choose to work here?

Wanted to work with people I enjoyed, be challenged yet supported everyday, with lots of room to grow.

- When I get a big piece of coverage

If you had to describe Ditto in three words, what would they be?

Different. Hard-working. Transparent.

How would you describe working at Ditto?

Fast paced, lots of autonomy, and the company takes career development seriously.

What makes Ditto different than your past jobs?

No other PR job has ever focused on results as much as Ditto.

Do you have a moment this year you are particularly proud of?

In a short time, we have had a lot of successful launches and results for multiple clients.

Bigger thoughts on life and career

How do you think the PR industry could improve?

More showing, less telling.

- When a client says thank you

What tips would you give someone on balancing work and personal time?

Be 100% present — whether that is at work or at home. Don’t focus as much on quantity as on quality.  Sometimes your home life will demand more, and sometimes your job will.

What makes for a positive work environment?

Transparent and supportive colleagues; team members who care about the results, not who gets the credit.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good boss?

They should be a good coach — challenging yet supportive, help you perform better, and give you the tools to do the job on your own.

If you could go back in the time and give yourself advice before you walked into your very first job, what would you say?

Be patient. Things are never as good as they seem, and they are never as bad as they seem.

Talk about the challenge of balancing priorities like results and outputs with less tangible work like creative thinking.

We must always keep in mind the end goal for our clients. Who are they trying to talk to, what are they trying to accomplish? How does that align with their business goals?

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