Ditto was created as an anti-PR agency. We believe in giving individualized attention to each account by a full team of senior level staff who are passionate about our clients' issues and have prior experience in the clients' industries.

Our clients are always first. Our mantra is no up-selling, no over-billing, no buzz words. We learn about your company, develop a smart, manageable strategy and execute it immediately.

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We create a plan and begin implementing it in the first 30 days. We want to show results as early as possible.

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We do what's best for the client. We only recommend what we excel at and what we think the client needs.

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We create a partnership. You will like our results and you will like us as people through mutual respect as partners.

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We aren't interested in over-billing at the expense of the client. Our retainers fairly reflect scope of work.

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We provide a full PR team of PR professionals at every level of their career to achieve your business goals.

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We offer website creation, SEO strategy, digital marketing and audience building, with a PR approach.