American Made Movie Case Study: Creating A Successful Media Tour Through Relevance and Timing

Ditto client, American Made Movie, just came off of a successful media tour promoting the documentary’s release on VOD and DVD.

American Made Movie directors, Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel McGill came to New York City and Washington, D.C. to spread the word on their documentary’s mission, which is the decline in U.S. manufacturing and how small, mid and large sized companies are achieving success with American made products.  They had done a larger media tour earlier last summer, where they were featured on Fox & FriendsMorning JoeThe Ed ShowHuffPo LiveWashington Post Live!Yahoo! FinanceCBS This Morning – among others.  As a direct result of Ditto Public Affairs’ work, American Made Movie reached over 22 million people through the press.

The challenge in this year’s media tour was that the film got so much press around it throughout their summer media tour, which included a 32-day, 32-city bus tour, that we had to reintroduce the directors and the documentary in a refreshing way.  The truth is, manufacturing isn’t a new story – but American Made Movie has a unique take on it.

Sure, all the major networks have economists and pundits commenting on the state of manufacturing, but what they don’t have, are individuals who spent a good deal of the past few years totally immersed on the ground with real business owners.  Vincent and Nathan’s first-hand experience set them apart from a person who is purely analyzing the numbers. By mapping out their visit around the U.S. manufacturing data drop; Team Ditto was able to position the directors as the human-interest element in a very chart heavy topic.

During their week-long media tour in the beginning of April, Vincent Vittorio and Nathan McGill appeared on Taking Stock with Pimm FoxVarney & Co., Lou Dobbs Tonight, The Wilkow Majority, The David Webb Show, Blaze TV, and NBC News – to name a few.

American Made Movie’s media tour was a great success. On SiriusXM’s The Wilkow Majority and The David Webb Show, our client was able to reach a sizable portion of the provider’s over 24 million subscribers.  Also, the NBC News segment aired across many of the network’s 200 affiliates in the U.S.

By pitching the filmmakers around the manufacturing numbers, Vincent Vittorio was able to appear on the top rated Fox Business Network program Varney & Co. As a result of his interview, Team Ditto received interest from other national programs, which is further proof that a good interview and careful media training can result in big rewards.

Ditto did not only utilize the filmmakers’ expertise by pitching them to television, radio and print, but also offered a business owner from American Made Movie as well as supporting members of Congress to join in on the interviews.  Mark Andol of the Made in America store accompanied Vincent on Bloomberg TV to discuss the skills gap.  In addition, Team Ditto coordinated interviews for print, radio and national as well as local television with Senate and House members to further support the efforts of American Made Movie.  By working with Congressional offices, Team Ditto was able to secure media in Georgia, Maine and New York State.

American Made Movie is a great example of how timing and creative pitching is key to a successful media tour. Ditto anchored the tour with a human angle along with hard data to maintain the documentary’s relevance and reliability to the public.