CEO Trey Ditto In CNBC Op-Ed: Twitter lessons from Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert and the NYPD

Trey Ditto, Ditto CEO, recently wrote a case study about the role of Twitter in PR and the positive and negative effects a single tweet, or a Twitter campaign idea can have on an business and an individual. CNBC took notice and asked Trey to elaborate on his thoughts in an op-ed for their Social Media vertical.

Some takeaways from the piece included:

“People follow a company because they are a fan of the brand, and they follow an executive because they feel it creates a direct line to them. While so many CMOs and CEOs are hesitant to use platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Seth’s tweet shows that giving followers a “behind-the-curtains” view into a brand or an executive, can do wonders for engagement and loyalty. Instead, most companies don’t take that next step and simply push message-approved content. While many companies do create social media campaigns, it’s very contrived, and they would be better served creating a year-long commitment to more organic engagement.”

“For CMOs and digital firms, the best avenue of approach is to start simple, creating lighter campaigns that will generate impressive digital results (likes, retweets, etc.). By building-up the confidence of executives who are unsure about the return on social media, you will find more opportunity in the future to execute more productive social media campaigns.”

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