Ditto Covering Security Issues From Tech to Employment

From the Super Bowl to the Olympics to recent retailer hackings, security is a hot issue. And 21st Century security is now everything from personal protection to background checks to biometrics and retinal scanning. And these capabilities are applied for individuals, institutions of higher education, employers and – of course – secure corporations.

Both directly and indirectly, my staff and I have worked in the security industry for over a decade.


Over the years, my staff and I have represented a range of security clients. One example is Chris Falkenberg and Insite Security, who do a range of security issues – to include Retinal Scan technology and Biometric technology solutions for clients like Bank of America and the Department of Defense.

Just recently, I was talking security issues with my friend from Fast Company, which resulted in this story on EyeVerify: http://bit.ly/1e3wMKm.

My security experience started over a decade ago, working for security experts like Clifford May (http://www.cliffordmay.org/) and Blackwater, where I helped launched their new facility in North Carolina.


As a former spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Education, I have deep contacts in the education industry and have placed clients on everything from The Daily Show to USA Today to targeted local daily newspapers.

One of Ditto's current clients is campus security and mental health expert Carolyn Wolf. While we are regularly placing her in local and national media– to include The New York Times (http://nyti.ms/1l0mScn), ABC Eyewitness News (http://bit.ly/1g6iqWa),  Sean Hannity (http://bit.ly/1azgN5u), The Washington Post (http://wapo.st/LBS2to) and Fox News (http://bit.ly/1g73vv3), to name a few – this also highlights our understanding of the clinical and privacy issues (FERPA and HIPPA) in the higher education space.

Some other education clients I’ve worked for include the online SaaS platforms Education Dynamics and Campus Management – where I positioned them as thought leaders in the higher education industry.


One of your current clients is Sharon Stiller, head of the employment practice at the law firm Abrams Fensterman. Ms. Stiller handles a range of employment issues for large companies, to include hiring practices. Targeting businesses (and employees, at times), Ms. Stiller has appeared in USA Today (http://usat.ly/N8LvIx), Fortune (http://bit.ly/1b5ZN7p), FoxBusiness.com (http://bit.ly/LCckDh and http://bit.ly/1eC9byy), Democrat & Chronicle (http://on.rocne.ws/1eukURa), International Business Times (http://bit.ly/1ayXEjT) and New York Daily News (http://nydn.us/LTEiLe), to name a few.

To round-out our experience in the employment industry, Ditto has worked with CEO Jason Pampell and Hire Influence, a firm specializing in vetting candidates for social media and digital employment opportunities. Houston Business Journal:http://bit.ly/1kheB5I.