Financial Industry Case Study 2014 Year in Review

Clients: STA Wealth Management, a financial advisors firm based in Houston, TX and YTexas, a statewide network of Texas CEOs dedicated to acclimating companies relocating to the Lone Star State.

Background: Team Ditto has worked with STA Wealth Management for several years, but 2014 was different because the firm had changed its name and business model. STA Wealth is often in the press, while YTexas was a new client and fairly new organization that needed recognition for the retention and growth efforts for businesses in Texas. Both clients wanted more exposure to recruit more business.

Challenge: In order to grow the press STA Wealth Management had already gotten over the years and introduce YTexas to the media, Team Ditto had to create completely new messaging for both clients. The first challenge for STA Wealth was introducing new voices to the press as well as a completely new function. Additionally, the battle for YTexas was educating the media on what the organization is and what its mission is.

Strategy: To accomplish STA Wealth and YTexas’ goals, Team Ditto launched a comprehensive thought leadership campaigns.

Building upon existing relationships in the macroeconomic sphere, STA Wealth was able to legitimatize itself as a creditable source with personal finance reporters. To ensure that STA Wealth was on top of all relevant personal finance topics, Team Ditto mapped out financial issues correlating with the last three months of the year. By reaching out to national and trade outlets with simple pitches on new marriage, scary financial situations and divorce, etc. reporters saw that STA Wealth could talk about more than topics at 50,000 feet.

YTexas was a little different than STA Wealth in that we had to start from square one. After building out a messaging plan that included three solid points that CEO Ed Curtis should always go back to when describing his company, Team Ditto pitched YTexas to local Texas media so Texans could learn about an organization that was right under their feet. Ed was also available to comment on statewide economic news. From there, Team Ditto conducted a media tour in New York City that resulted in national attention for YTexas in the business community.

Results: STA Wealth has made significant gains in financial publications with hits in MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, InvestmentNews and regular contributions to The company has also received several new business inquiries based on media. YTexas has also increased its network of CEOs based on the media it received around both the national media tour, which included appearances on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. as well as local interviews that utilized regional CEOs in Texas’ four major media markets.