How To Pitch Successfully

Contrary to popular belief, pitching the media doesn’t require a magic wand. To be successful, a pitch needs to be relevant, concise and creative. At Ditto every time we pitch the media, we are using a creative news hook to draw in interest to a particular client. 

Just saying who your client is and what he or she does isn’t enough for a reporter on a particular beat to want to talk to them. For instance, we pitched our client Seth Rogen to the press around his Hilarity for Charity event in April, and no, we didn’t just name-drop a movie star.

We positioned Seth around Alzheimer’s awareness and humanized the event around why he and his wife created the organization. It was a great success and we were able to include CBS Sunday Morning, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Good Day New York, Newsweek, E! and New York Post– to name a few- to cover the event.

But what if you’re not a movie star? (We aren’t either!) Here’s another example –Late last winter we jumped on the chance to write an Oscar related pitch because of all the awards season buzz. Using the popularity of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, we were able to position our client- Jamison Monroe, Jr., CEO of Newport Academy, a teen and young adult treatment center, for a story on how the children of high partying executives are often the victims. Jamison was featured on Fox Business Network’s Markets Now on the topic.

You can see that Ditto thinks out of the box for a lot of our pitches. Our team is constantly keeping a pulse on the news happening daily and also for relevant dates happening in the future. We’ve been paying close attention to the weather lately and around when the polar vortex broke we were able to use New Yorkers’ itching to grill outside and actually enjoy the weather into a pitch for our client, Periyali, New York City’s oldest Greek restaurant.

Team Ditto produced a segment pitch that capitalized on the warmer weather and fresh, light dishes. As a result, Chef Charles Bowman of Periyali was featured on Good Day New Yorkand Better TV Show. There are many opportunities for angles around almost any story. The key is to develop a pitch that highlights your clients’ expertise and make it relevant to what’s going on today.

Pitching isn’t writing a novel or even a script for when you dial the reporter, it is a suggestion for how your client can contribute to the conversation. Being unique and thinking of other sides of the story others may not have explored always makes the pitch a success. It is something we are very successful at executing and it is the main reason why our clients are singing our praises.