How to push thoughtful content quickly and effectively

We are constantly telling our clients how important content creation is. From a blog to a video to a Facebook post, this content can be utilized to get clients more attention and position them as thought leaders in their industry. It’s Team Ditto’s job to take that content and get it as much attention as possible, through social media, media pitching, etc.

Skeptical of this Idea? Don’t have the time because you don’t think it’s worth the effort?

Recently, our CEO wrote a blog post analyzing how Netflix’s House of Cards portrays the relationship between the media and press staff in Washington D.C. The post received a tremendous amount of media coverage. Now, you might be asking yourself, how exactly did we do that?

Here are our takeaways on how to push thoughtful content to the media, quickly and effectively.

The power of content and social media – We all post “stuff” on Facebook and Twitter, but from a business perspective, you have to be more strategic. While the number of “followers” and “friends” seem important, the real strategy behind pushing content on social media is picking a popular topic and giving a powerful Point of View. Trey had this in mind when he created his blog post on House of Cards, which had just released Season 2. The initial outreach started with Trey posting it on his Facebook and Twitter to gauge the responses from his friends and followers. Within the first few hours, Trey saw positive responses from his “likes,” “comments,” “shares” and “re-tweets,” which raked in a total of over 35,000 views.

Keeping up the momentum- Many people think a post on social media is enough, but that’s not always true. Trey utilized an email-marketing platform and reached out to his professional contacts, to include media outlets, past and current clients and colleagues. He wrote a simple synopsis and linked it back to the original blog post and his Facebook for an opportunity to open the conversation.

Road of media opportunity – Through his outreach efforts on social media and email, Trey was presented with several media opportunities. The blog post was reposted in Politico’s Influence and in  Trey did an interview with PRNewser and finally, wanted an op-ed about lessons executives could learn from House of Cards. From there, Politico’s Morning Money picked up the op-ed for their newsletter. While the blog post and op-ed gained media attraction, we also built a new relationship with’s opinion editor.

TOTAL: 9,579,547 unique visitors.

The results show how our PR outreach strategy has worked for ourselves and for our clients. The next time you have something to say, make sure you’re sharing the news correctly.