Pitching The Right Angle: Abrams Fensterman and Executive Partner Steven Eisman Discuss Men’s Alimony

Sometimes looking at a tried and true topic with a fresh take can lead to great coverage from multiple media sources. Recently, we worked with our client Abrams Fensterman and Executive Partner Steven Eisman to craft a pitch on divorce and turned it around to highlight a new trend in male alimony.

” Divorce attorneys across the country are seeing a rise in men asking ex-wives for spousal support, also known as alimony. Up-to-date numbers are hard, if not impossible, to come by. According to 2010 Census records, of the 400,000 people receiving spousal support, only 3 percent were men. Last year, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed its 1,600 members and found that 47 percent had noticed an increase in the number of women who are paying alimony.

Convincing some reluctant, prideful male clients to negotiate for alimony can take some doing, but it’s usually just a matter of showing them the math, according to Steven Eisman, a matrimonial attorney in New York. ‘ He tends to want it when he realizes that without it he’s going to be living in a basement apartment,’ Eisman says. ”

Full Article available at: http://nws.mx/1dMWrpY

As a result, Steve has been interviewed by Reuters, Long Island Business News, MoneyNews.com and Wall Street Journal. The Reuters story was picked-up by Newsday, which is where the client is located.