The Importance of Timing and Trending Topics in Thought Leadership

All of our clients are thought leaders in their area of expertise. But, hang on – What does someone have to do to be considered a thought leader and how can you do it yourself. It is simpler than you thought and can be as elementary as writing your point of view about a topic you’re well versed in. While this may sound easy, it actually takes a lot of work and dedication. Here is what we tell our clients and how you can follow suit.

A pulse on the news – There’s a lot happening around us, and while we’re constantly seeing information, it doesn’t mean it’s digested or retained. A great example of this at Ditto is with our client, Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, who is a financial advisor. Between the fluctuations of the stock market to disappointing employment numbers, most people aren’t sure what it all means. Lance is able to take the newsworthy information and turn it into a digestible and understandable blog post. While Lance could write about retirement strategies or future financial goals, he chooses to write about topics that are in the news. By having his point of view on a trending topic it now makes him a relevant source and opens the door for media opportunities.

Be a regular – The news doesn’t stop and neither should you. There’s nothing worse than someone who isn’t consistent. In order to be successful, you need to keep up with a routine on when you’re posting. It could be every day or once a week, but please just make sure it’s consistent. Lance has a daily blog because he gives his readers an analysis on the financial reports for the day. This makes him a dependable source and allows his readers to keep coming back.

Timing really is everything – While it’s important to discuss relevant topics and being consistent, it’s even more important that it’s timely. No one wants to read a your point of view or analysis a week after a big story broke. With a 24-hour news cycle, you need to be quick before you get swept under the rug. For example, Lance releases his analysis on the jobs report as soon as the numbers are released in the morning every month. Lance has learned to master all three strategies and it’s allowed him to be the “go-to” thought leader that reporters and producers want to talk to. Combined with his expertise and our outreach strategy, his blog post is picked up by top-tier financial blogs, media outlets and has led to relationships with producers and reporters.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a thought leader?