Writing Creative Op-Eds For Industry Relevant Publications

The best way to position a client as a thought leader in their respective industry is by introducing insightful point of view on a relevant, newsworthy topic in an op-ed. But, it doesn’t end there – what happens after the op-ed?

Ditto generates momentum for all of our clients from the editorial page to a story in top-tier media by offering a unique stance that hits the reader and, eventually, reporter straight off the introduction. Together with a public relations firm, op-eds can result in increased media coverage and legitimacy as a thought leader for a client. Ditto Public Affairs has helped clients gain coverage on topics that originated with op-eds on issues such as, mental health parity, the Affordable Care Act and U.S. manufacturing. They have resulted in stories on Fox Business Network, USA Today, New York Daily News and Washington Times – to name a few.

A great example of this at Ditto is with our client, Carolyn Wolf. Carolyn is executive partner at Abrams Fensterman in New York. She also is director of the nation’s only mental health law practice. As one can imagine, Carolyn’s knowledge and breadth on mental health is extremely timely – especially in the past year or so. Carolyn is frequently in the press discussing red flag behavior, legislation and workplace issues surrounding mental health. Her voice is critical in this arena and as a consequence, she contributes op-eds in many publications.

Carolyn also exhibits her thoughts on her regularly updated Huffington Post blog. Recently, Carolyn wrote a very creative op-ed entitled, Breaking Down The Silos: A Collaborative Answer to Mental Health, on the need for better lines of communication in the mental health community. The piece was unique in that it didn’t just muse about the topic of mental health; it also offered a solution. Many clients would simply like to get their voice minus any solid platform out there on paper or online, but what really makes an op-ed memorable is relevant data and most importantly, saying something that sticks.

In Carolyn’s case, the sticking point was bringing forth an idea that calls for better access to information in mental health across industries and professions. We sent her op-ed to a select group of health care trade reporters and it resulted in not only her op-ed being placed in Managed Health Care Executive in both print and online, but also an interview for the same outlet on mental health care provider shortages that will also be featured in print and online for the March issue.

This is another good example on how well written and thought out op-eds can lead to some solid hits in the trade space – and not to mention lead to solidifying more thought leadership for a client in their industry.