Does Location Matter?

At Ditto, we have clients that are based not only where our company headquarters is in New York City, but also from around the country. Take for example, ArborBridge. They are located in Southern California. Then we have STA Wealth Management in Houston and FIX is based in Atlanta with our other client, Life is My Movie Productions. Recently we even worked with a company based in Shanghai. You get the idea. We have clients from all over.

When a company is looking for a public relations firm it is natural for them to want one in the city where they are based. It makes sense. The PR firm based in their city probably understands the local landscape and has a good Rolodex of national media. However, we encourage companies looking for PR to think outside of the box when choosing a firm.

Bottom Line: The PR firm does not have to be located in the city where a client is in.

We have solid media relationships in the top ten media markets and beyond to even more hyper local press. Obviously we have good New York City contacts because we are based here, but that doesn’t limit us to just one city. There are firms that specifically specialize in one city, which is great, but a better-rounded PR team has media contacts across the country.

We have done PR campaigns for clients in cities such as Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit straight to Nashville, Louisville, Charlotte, Ann Arbor and Tupelo, Mississippi– all from our office in New York. Why are we successful? It is because we are able to understand locally what the client needs, whether that is for a bus tour or new location opening, and construct an interesting story to the press.

When we talk to possible clients in cities hundreds of miles away, it is important to stress that, yes, you can go with that local firm, but the other PR agency that has been able to produce successful results for clients based coast-to-coast can also be a viable contender.