WPA’s Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Premiere Event + Other Charity Press

In June, Ditto handled media for the Women’s Prison Association’s (WPA) Orange Is The New Black Season Three Premiere Party at the Ainsworth in Chelsea. The WPA is an organization that helps women with criminal justice histories have a new life after incarceration by helping them matriculate back into communities for productive futures.

The cast from Orange Is The New Black is hugely supportive of the WPA (Piper Kerman is on their board) and as a result, the season three party was attended by the majority of the actors in the series.

The premiere got over a dozen stories from outlets like Mashable, Elle.com, Page Six, the Examiner, InTouch and Radar Online. In addition, photos from the event resulted in even more coverage in galleries on sites like Buzzfeed, New York Post and Ok! Magazine.

We were very lucky to have breakout season three star Ruby Rose come by, which caused a frenzy on the red carpet. The interviews that Ruby did, including one by Elle.com, ended up going viral (and trending on Facebook) along with her photos.

We work for a range of charities that do high profile events, such as Hilarity for Charity, Bring Change 2 Mind and Many Hopes. The challenge with charities that are tied to celebrities is that we don’t want the talent to overshadow the cause they are supporting.

In order to overcome this challenge we ensure that all photos are taken in front of the step and repeat with the charity logo. This sounds like a no brainer, but red carpets can get chaotic and there is a chance a few photographers go rogue or spontaneous Instagram photos are snapped. The step and repeat doesn’t just serve as a nice backdrop for photos, it is a saving grace when a reporter doesn’t mention the charity in an article, on camera or in a caption.

Besides the step and repeat, Team Ditto ensures that all reporters receive handouts for information on the event that puts information on the charity front and center. While giving out this information we remind the press to mention the organization hosting the event.

And finally, another fail proof way to ensure the charity is being highlighted by the celebrities in the room or by the celebrity that created the charity is to make sure they are on message. We typically go over messaging with the celebrity prior to interviews and make sure that the conversation always goes back to a sound bite about the event in pre-event interviews and red carpet interviews.