CEO Trey Ditto on social good and the work Ditto is doing

The issue of social good and purpose has been on my mind, so please humor me and spend a few minutes reading…

I started this company after seeing all the things I didn’t like in the PR industry, and we have grown beyond my imagination! But Ditto was still missing something: How was what we were doing going to make the world a better place? In a broken world rife with injustice, how could my PR firm make a difference? As a result, I made a decision to take on a range of non-profit and social good clients. 

Below is just a sampling of how I hope my company and my team is using PR to make a lasting and positive imprint through social good:

·        Glenn Close’s BringChange2Mind, an organization battling the stigma of mental illness, had a weeklong feature in Mashable to share inspiring stories of perseverance and bravery from ambassadors in a variety of industries.

·        Many Hopes is addressing injustice in Kenya by rescuing and educating children who have suffered the worst in life and aiding the generation of adults that will lead to defeat the causes of extreme poverty in Kenya. Many Hopes had a record amount of coverage of its 2015 annual gala.

·        JUST Capital, an organization that measure JUSTness of companies based on the values of the American public and provides resources to help corporations improve, was featured on Bloomberg TV.

·        Incarcerating US a documentary elevating awareness of the broken criminal justice system, following the experiences of people directly involved with the prison system.

·        Newport Academy’s sober high school in New York was featured in the New York Post and WCBS. It is the only sober high school in New York City, working with teens dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and self-harm.