Ditto PR Snapshot: A recent look at our work in the field of mental health and addiction

By Alexandra O'Leary

With Mental Health Awareness month quickly approaching in May, we’d like to take this time to reflect on our clients who directly support those who are touched by mental health and addiction. They lead the way in eliminating the stigma associated with real-life issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm and co-occurring disorders. With one in five adults suffering from mental illness, it’s critical for our culture and society to reevaluate the way mental health is perceived. Our clients' work shines light on these issues and reshapes current views and attitudes as well.

·      Carolyn Wolf, who The New York Times called, “a guide in the darkness,” is committed to giving legal advice to those who suffer from mental health issues. As a partner in Abrams Fensterman law firm and director of the firm's mental health law practice, she has created a unique and surprisingly vacant niche offering consultation and advice in navigating the mental health system and is frequently published in Huffington Post.

·      Glenn Close does more than light up the big screen. She is a leading proponent of those who deal with mental health disorders and is founder and chairperson of BringChange2Mind, a U.S. campaign to eradicate the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Glen’s work with BringChange2Mind has been featured in USA Today and had a weeklong feature in Mashable to share her mission of starting conversations about mental illness and building the understanding and empathy necessary to inspire action to end discrimination.

·      Newport Academy is a treatment facility for teens, featured on the TODAY Show, and founded by Jamison Monroe, a prominent voice in the field of adolescent mental health and addiction treatment. He is an active participant in the movement to reduce social stigma around substance abuse and turns to various alternative therapies such as cooking and animal therapy, which have been featured in Wall Street Journal and NBC. Newport Academy has facilities in California, Connecticut and New York, including a recovery high school, which was recently highlighted by Fox & Friends.

Our clients each have their area of expertise under the umbrella of mental health. Ranging from recovery and treatment to awareness and legal rights – it’s our job to get them featured in the most relevant place at the optimal time. Our clients have been included in stand-alone articles spotlighting the work they do and the causes they support as well as been featured as leaders in the industry to weigh in on topical events. Our clients dedicate themselves to worthwhile causes and we use PR to make sure their work leaves a long-lasting imprint.