Getting Started with Facebook Live

The future of Facebook is Live, or at least its immediate future is. Live, the product that officially rolled out to all users earlier this year, allows anyone with a Facebook account to stream live video straight from their mobile device. This is creating a new way for companies and brands to engage with customers. From a communications standpoint, there are several opportunities that companies could consider using Facebook Live to broadcast like:

  • Executive Q&As - Allow followers to directly engage with company leaders
  • Product demos - Show off a new product or a live “how-to” guide on an existing one“
  • Office life - Provide a glimpse of life at your company for potential recruits
  • Speaking engagements - Reach those who can’t be at the conference you are presenting at

Live is and will be a flagship product and a huge priority at Facebook. While it’s still relatively new, here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started with it.


Before you begin a broadcast, have a game plan for what you want to accomplish. Plot out how the broadcast will flow and the messages you’d like to get across. By planning ahead, you’ll make sure the broadcast goes smoothly while not seeming scripted or inauthentic.

Use the Right Account

Broadcasting with Facebook Live is simple. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device, tap the publish button and click Live Video. However, if you're broadcasting as a company make sure you are on the company page first, and not your personal account.

Tell People First

While it’s easy to start broadcasting, make sure people know to when to watch. Give people advance notice as to when you’ll be broadcasting. Let them know they can also receive notification when you’re doing a live video by tapping on the Follow button and opting-in to receive alerts.

Use Wifi

Nobody likes watching a choppy video stream. Facebook recommends broadcasting over Wifi to ensure the video is not dropping out for viewers. If there’s no Wi-Fi available, make sure you have at least a LTE or 4G connection.

Reuse Your Video

After a broadcast has ended, the video will appear on your Facebook wall for fan to watch later. However, you can also share and embed the video outside of Facebook like on your company blog or LinkedIn page.