From the desk of Trey Ditto: Ditto Birthday Announcement

Free cake! Just kidding. I’m excited to announce that on our 4-year birthday, Ditto has added some major new capabilities to its services: Website Creation/Maintenance, SEO/SEM and Analytical Reporting.

This little company started exactly four years ago in a coffee shop. Doing media relations for a handful of clients that I had worked with since moving to NYC in 2007, Ditto was created on a simple notion: deliver impactful results that help a client’s business. That client-first mantra and a very hard work ethic catapulted Ditto forward: Companies of every size and from every industry hired us. We outgrew three office spaces. We even have an employee 401(K) program!

Over the past year, companies and clients have all mentioned the need for a digital marketing professional who is senior enough to understand strategy and brand issues but also willing to do the actual work. So, we are adding that to what we do! And by combining the skills of a traditional PR firm with the capabilities of a digital marketing professional to drive awareness and customer acquisition it’s easier (and more affordable) for a client to have all these services working together under one roof than dealing with multiple agencies.

In fact, just in the first month of formalizing these services, a handful of clients – current and new – are utilizing the new capabilities.

So, happy birthday, Ditto! You’re all grown up!