MEDIA RELATIONS: We generate media coverage that puts our clients in front of their target audience and positively impacts their business. That could be local, trade or national media on any given day. When our clients are in the news, they are positioned as leaders of industry. Ditto specializes in getting clients on-going, month-to-month media coverage.

MEDIA AND MESSAGE TRAINING: Whether you are launching a product or service or looking to drive awareness, messaging makes the difference. We make sure that that a client is delivering a message that will generate coverage. As a result, clients who once struggled to generate coverage from interviews now regularly see features.

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SOCIAL STRATEGY: One aspect of having a comprehensive communications campaign is digital strategy. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and influencer relations, social platforms should be utilized to: build brand recognition, create market differentiation and establish POV. Ditto specializes in content creation and socialized thought leadership.

MEDIA AND COMPETITOR AUDITS: Companies need to understand how they, their competitors and their industry are discussed in the press. Audits answer these questions by providing analysis of: features v. mentions, topics, sentiment, coverage by business unit, proactive outreach v. announcement, change in coverage volume over time.

OP-EDS AND BYLINES: Publications are looking for quality content to publish, and as a result of our knowledge of clients’ industries and media contacts, we have established a streamlined process and a reliable list of publications we regularly place contributed content in, such as Fast Company, Bloomberg,, among others.

DIGITAL MARKETING: From website creation or audits to SEO strategy and campaign execution to online advertising and audience building, a digital marketing program works hand-in-hand with your PR approach.