Ditto works in a range of industries, which allows employees to be experts in everything from tech to non-profits to financial services. Every day staff is intellectually engaged in different topics and issues. Clients treat us like partners, not like vendors. We are trusted advisors who are constantly giving communications counsel. Many of our clients have been with us for several years. Because we work in different industries, we get an exciting mix of new business leads.
We are not your typical PR people who measure success by hours billed. There are no support jobs at Ditto. Everyone has a valuable, client-facing role. We are a collaborative office that puts the client first. We all work together and support each other for the betterment of the company and the clients. Staff work on 4-5 accounts in different capacities. Every account has a full team on it and nobody is spread thin. The more you prove yourself, the more responsibility you get. Your role at Ditto is without borders.
Ditto is a supportive, collaborative, laid back office that believes you can enjoy where you work and who you work with. We work reasonable hours. You should be able to accomplish your job during regular business hours and have a life outside of work. Do good work and get rewarded. There are performance and team bonuses every month. There are personalized rewards and experiences, and real end of year bonuses.
There are a handful of capabilities and characteristics every PR pro should have. You will be become a thoroughly well-rounded PR professional at Ditto, generalist is not a bad word. You should always be learning and growing as a PR person. Each employee has quarterly growth goals that the company helps you achieve. Employees have direct access to CEO Trey Ditto, who spends 50% of his time working on professional development.

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