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Media Relations


Edge Collective is a creative agency based in New York City, a self-described competitor brand in the advertising space, looking to differentiate itself in the Ad agency space and be an industry thought leader.


Ditto PA focused on positioning EDGE Collective as leaders in the music, event and social media space. Always taking advantage of EDGE’s unique POV and truly inspiring company history.


While we will pitched EDGE releases, our proactive approach was to build thought leadership around technology, music and marketing,

Team Ditto pitched all outlets by using daily news topics and inserting EDGE as a group of innovators and entrepreneurs who are forward thinking and using EDGE blog posts, white papers or POV documents, to create media analysis and insight into marketing, music, social media, etc. Topics included:

  • How brands are using music to reach Millennials
  • Why music is important and relevant to marketing in 2014
  • What’s the next step for marketing to Millennials
  • How do you create brand loyalty for Millennials
  • How everyday people are becoming “celebrities” through social media
  • Concept of emergence and mini-influencers


Team Ditto placed Co-Founder Ryan Aynes in Bloomberg TV, USA Today, Venture Beat, Forbes, CMO.com and Fox Business. The hits, which helped EDGE secure business for 2014, as well as leading to a Portrait feature in AdWeek.

For EDGE, a full page spread in the most respected trade publication of their industry signals a new level of recognition, as well as a focus on taking their work to new creative highs for their clients and a renewed commitment to maintaining thought leadership status in the Digital Ad industry.

Kevin Thrailkill

Media Relations