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Client: Flatiron School is a premiere coding bootcamp, recently acquired by WeWork, providing beginner students a quality computer programming education and the necessary skills to gain competitive employment.

Background: Ditto approached Flatiron School after identifying a strategy to maximize the co-founders’ thought leadership platforms and generate awareness to the school’s announcements and initiatives through publicity in top-tier and ed/tech trade outlets.

Strategy: Team Ditto took a multi-pronged approach to generate media interest and drive awareness to Flatiron School by focusing on elevating three verticals: executive thought leadership, student and alumni experiences, and school announcements.

Since Flatiron’s co-founders both had original insights into the fields of business, technology and education, we used every opportunity to insert their expertise into trend and breaking news stories to build their credibility not only in the bootcamp space but in the higher education industry.

Simultaneously, we focused on promoting the incredible stories of dozens of Flatiron students and alumni in local and mainstream media. Flatiron alumni and online students have a presence in all major cities in the U.S. and therefore gave us the opportunity to work with local broadcast and print/digital media to tell their stories. Whether it was a story about being a military wife who learned to code or an immigrant looking to work as a computer engineer for a U.S. start-up, inspirational stories were published from coast to coast

Team Ditto worked to not only generate coverage around Flatiron School announcements and initiatives, but created campaigns tailored to maximize exposure through a series of media relations efforts including contributed content and collaborating on events to raise Flatiron’s profile as a pioneer in higher education.

Results: During the four year engagement, Ditto successfully generated over 100 pieces of coverage every year, meaning 10 pieces of coverage every month – ranging from features in The New York Times, TechRepublic, Fast Company and Business Insider as well as education technology trade publications including Inside Higher Ed, Campus Technology and EdSurge. Flatiron School executives have been interviewed countless times on Bloomberg Technology, Bloomberg Radio and BoldTV.


In 2017, after four years of high quality media attention and relationship building, Flatiron School was positively featured twice in a one month period in business section of the The New York Times print edition.

Kevin Thrailkill

Education & Edtech