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Bring Change 2 Mind, a non-profit organization working together to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness, Hilarity for Charity, a movement led by comedian Seth Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and Newport Academy, a teen and young adult treatment facility for substance abuse and mental health-related problems with locations on the East and West Coast.


Team Ditto handles PR for Bring Change 2 Mind and Hilarity for Charity events in New York City. Each of these events has a fundraising component as well as a high celebrity draw. In addition, Team Ditto handles all media for Newport Academy while also promoting thought leadership of its Founder/CEO. 


For both Bring Change 2 Mind and Hilarity for Charity the challenge is making these events not just about who is in attendance. Of course, it is a huge help when Glenn Close and Seth Rogen are heading these causes, but the goal is to create awareness around these issues that are so important to the recognizable names behind the scenes. With Newport Academy, the goal is to differentiate the facility in the very competitive rehabilitation space. 


To achieve success with Bring Change 2 Mind, Hilarity for Charity and Newport Academy, Team Ditto did the following:

  • Around Bring Change 2 Mind’s gala and Hilarity for Charity’s comedy event, Team Ditto used current news hooks and personal stories to ensure that each of these opportunities were centered on its intended mission. For Bring Change 2 Mind, we were able to use the national attention mental health had been receiving as well as Glenn’s own personal story with mental illness in her family to keep the stories focused on her organization. For Hilarity for Charity, we took Seth Rogen’s recent remarks before Congress on Alzheimer’s disease as well as his own relationship with the illness through his wife to personalize why he is so passionate about finding a cure.
  • As seen with Bring Change 2 Mind and Hilarity for Charity, issue-based industries need to be personalized. In order to bring that personal touch to Newport Academy, Team Ditto utilized Founder/CEO Jamison Monroe’s own struggle with drug abuse as well as, the willingness of its alumni to talk about their lives in outreach to the media. Without a doubt, being able to offer real teens to reporters in addition to allowing cameras at the facility has been integral in properly articulating its mission. Also, because every alumni, parent and therapist at Newport Academy is so different, Team Ditto has been able to pursue scores of angles on topics that have never been explored by the media.


For Bring Change 2 Mind and Hilarity for Charity, Team Ditto secured interviews with CBS Sunday Morning, New York Post, New York Daily News, Entertainment Weekly and E! – to name a few , but most importantly was able to help raise valuable contributions for each cause. Newport Academy has had a tremendous amount of success by humanizing addiction issues. Stories about the facility have appeared on the Today Show, Barron’s, USA Today, Fox News, Huffington Post and local New York City and Los Angeles affiliates.

Kevin Thrailkill

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