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inDriver is ride-hailing company operating in 14 countries, 180 + cities worldwide, and has over 14 million users worldwide. inDriver allows passengers to enter what they want to spend on a medium-to-long distance trip, and drivers use the app to accept the fare or negotiate a different price.


inDriver approached Ditto to launch their international ride-hailing service in the US.


inDriver needed to differentiate themselves in the crowded ride-hailing space. inDriver had no US presence, and team Ditto had to explain why both users and drivers should switch to inDriver as it provided greater benefits to both parties, over their competitors. Not to mention, inDriver was launching in NYC, which has some of the strictest taxi laws in US. Between cabs and other ride-hailing services, carving out a niche in the market for inDriver was a key challenge. Ditto also focused on minimizing stigma of a Russian company working in US considering current political climate.


Education played a major role in Ditto’s strategy. Ditto developed in-depth messaging for inDriver’s North American CEO, helping her articulate inDriver’s unique value proposition, and succinctly explain how the app worked, why NYC was a prime launch location and inDriver’s decision to expand to the U.S.

Ditto took a quality over quantity approach, focusing on targeted, embargoed pitching to national transportation reporter and local NYC reporters. To deliver a clear message differentiating inDriver from other available apps, Ditto highlighted:

  • inDriver’s unique “set your own price” model for riders
  • The effectiveness of inDriver in a city like NYC with five boroughs, as other apps tend to price out the transportation for the far reaches of outer boroughs
  • The pay structure benefit of inDriver to drivers, specifically their 0% commision fee for their first six months of operation in NYC

Ditto went beyond media relations, advising on photographers, social media influencers and public events- which were utilized in tandem with the launch and the subsequent months to further amplify inDriver’s offering.


The team secured and facilitated seven opportunities that resulted in launch coverage. Ditto landed stories in top-tier outlets including Forbes, Bloomberg Crain’s New York, Mashable and Fox 5.

Kevin Thrailkill

Consumer & Consumer Tech, Media Relations