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Client: Monero is a safe, secure, untraceable cryptocurrency that is decentralized and uniquely maintained by a community of core developers.

Background: Monero approached Ditto PR to create media awareness for Project Coral Reef, a holiday shopping initiative that allowed consumers to purchase merchandise from the e-commerce sites of over 50 international recording artists using Monero.

Strategy: With the understanding that introducing a lesser-known cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience would be challenging, team Ditto met with the creators of Project Coral Reef and lead maintainers of Monero to gain a deep understanding of both the music industry and ecommerce partners. The team met with Monero as well to learn why it is the perfect digital currency for online shopping.

The team then devised an embargoed media relations strategy that focused on initial outreach to mainstream journalists from business, e-commerce and music sectors that included interviews with many interested editors and reporters. The day before the embargo date, Ditto reached out to the crypto-media community which added to the groundswell of awareness the team had created.

Results: The day embargo lifted Ditto secured 15 pieces of positive coverage across mainstream and cryptocurrency media, outlets included Billboard, Forbes, and International Business Times helped position the token as a trusted method of payment, along with raising its monetary value. Trade coverage included  CryptoCoinNews, Axios, Coindesk, Brave New Coin, The Merkle and Bitcoin News Service.

The news about Project Coral Reef was enthusiastically embraced by the media and crypto-community, and Monero’s value rose by 74% in one day. Articles continued to break across mainstream and crypto-media in the weeks following as Monero’s value continued to rise.

Kevin Thrailkill

Blockchain & Crypto