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Newport Academy, a teen and young adult treatment facility for substance abuse and mental health-related issues with locations on the East and West Coast.


Team Ditto handled all media for Newport Academy, therapy programs, success stories and expansion while also promoting thought leadership of its Founder/CEO. 


  •  Identify relevant journalists and outlets for various pitching efforts to produce a continuous drumbeat of coverage.
  • Develop rapid response point of view statements to introduce / reintroduce Jamison and Newport Academy to journalists based off what is happening on in the news.
  • Take advantage of mental health awareness month and topics around graduation in May and Summer, when teen drug use increases.


For Newport Academy, our goal was to differentiate the facility in the very competitive rehabilitation space. 


  • Surveys: Team Ditto used SurveyMonkey to create national surveys around topics that “Parents Should Know” targeting parenting publications.
  • Editorial Calendar: Team Ditto planned a strong year of ongoing opportunities to discuss the opioid epidemic, affluenza and teen drug abuse, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, heroin use, expert recommendations, alternative therapies etc.
  • Human Interest: In order to bring that personal touch to Newport Academy, Team Ditto highlighted Founder/CEO Jamison Monroe’s own struggle with drug abuse as well as, the willingness of its alumni to talk about their lives in outreach to the media. Without a doubt, being able to offer real teens to reporters in addition to allowing cameras at the facility has been integral in properly articulating its mission.
  • Partnerships: Ditto has a network of partners that was activated to create larger visibility for both the client and the topics they wanted to highlight. Team Ditto has strong relationships with Mashable and with Glenn Close, whose nonprofit BringChange2Mind is a pro bono client of the firm. We were able to create a broader week-long national campaign around the faces and individual stories of people who live with behavioral and mental health issues highlighting the graduates of Newport Academy. Mindful Allies, the campaign to help fight the stigma of mental illness by sharing real stories of people living with a variety of neurobiological disorders had more than 2 million impressions, and each content piece was shared about 2K times.
  • Unique Services: Because every program, alumni, parent and therapist at Newport Academy is so different, Team Ditto was able to pursue scores of angles on topics that have never been explored by the media. We were able to highlight Newport’s unique offering of mixed martial arts, equine, and cooking therapies.
  • Speaking Engagements: Ditto was able to identify tech focused mental health companies for strategic speaking opportunities. Newport Academy CEO Jamison Monroe was a featured speaker at the Talkspace Clinical Conference: The Future of Therapy.
  • Op-Eds: Team Ditto was responsible for writing and publishing op-eds and channel creation in Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen for Jamison Monroe to promote Newport Academy point of view and reach a wider audience beyond their blog and social media handles.


Newport Academy has become a recognizable and well respected name in the rehabilitation space and became the most covered treatment facility in the country in 2016. Ditto was able to generate human interest and success stories that put a face to addiction issues by crafting content and pitches around a strong editorial calendar as well as being prepared with talking points and pitches for reactive news of the day opportunities.

Stories about the facility, success stories, alternative therapy programs, and Jamison Monroe’s POV have appeared in:

The Today Show


Well + Good

The Wall Street Journal

Huffington Post and local New York City and Los Angeles affiliates.

Additionally, the company profile was also elevated through Ditto executed strategic content partnerships with companies like Talkspace and BringChange2Mind to create larger campaigns and raise national awareness of mental health and addiction issues facing the country.

Kevin Thrailkill

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