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Founded in 2012, Open Road Alliance is a private philanthropic initiative that provides capital to non-profits and social enterprises for mid-implementation projects facing an unexpected roadblock. Across the philanthropic sector, most organizations do not systematically assess risk or implement risk management activities during the grant-making process. As a result, projects are stalled and even completely shut down when small amounts of additional funding could solve the problem at hand. Open Road provides this fast, flexible capital.

Open Road seeks to change how non-profits communicate with foundations and donors by addressing potential risk during the grant process. Challenge: Open Road began working with Ditto in February 2016 with the goal of elevating the profile and brand recognition of Open Road as an expert in risk management, and to elevate its advocacy messaging within the philanthropic community and the media at large. Prior to engaging with Ditto, Open Road had engaged with media on a reactive and ad hoc basis.


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