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Client:  PrecisionHawk is a commercial drone and data company that launched in 2010. The company approached Ditto in 2017 to enlist its help with three important announcements: (1) Series D funding, (2) the acquisition of drone pilot companies, making it the largest drone pilot company in the world, and (3) the approval of federal nighttime flying waivers. The company is the most funded in its field and sought to demonstrate its cutting-edge technology and dominance


With only a couple of weeks to prepare for the launch, Team Ditto immediately set to work in creating the assets required to successfully make three announcements in a span of one and a half months:

  • A list of pitch storylines that would appeal to agriculture, insurance, construction, energy, government, transportation, trade, and workplace publications and journalists
  • Three press releases announcing the three separate pieces of news
  • A media list of relevant reporters across the country in the aforementioned fields

Two weeks prior to the launch, Team Ditto reached out to relevant reporters, offering the Series D announcement under embargo. Following the funding announcement, Team Ditto used the same embargoed approach for the acquisition of two drone pilot companies, positioning PrecisionHawk as the largest drone pilot company in the world, also offering pilots and the CEO for interview. Lastly the team pitched the approval of PrecisionHawk to fly missions at night and beyond the visual line of sight by the U.S. Government, a very rare exception.  Throughout its media-relations efforts, Team Ditto conveyed PrecisionHawk’s place in the field as the leader of the pack.


In a month-and-a-half period (between Jan. 18 and Feb. 28, 2018), PrecisionHawk was the subject of 22 original articles, plus 250 pickups on the wire and from high-quality outlets like Yahoo Finance, Chase, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha.  Ample coverage was secured in both trade and national news outlets, including TechCrunch, Dronelife, Triangle Business Journal, IIR Reporter, VentureBeat, and UASweekly. PrecisionHawk was also mentioned in the term sheet at Fortune.


Kevin Thrailkill

Media Relations, Strategy, Technology