We at Ditto believe that our New York attitude to public relations—meaning we work fast and hard and deliver impactful results immediately—translates nicely into the Bay Area where other PR firms have grown too big, lost their personal touch on accounts and offer capabilities they simply can’t deliver on.


Approach: East Coast attitude and established media connections

Ditto is results driven. No fluff, no excuses. We like our coverage big and on-going. After all, New York City is the media capital of the world. We have always had Bay Area clients and an understanding of Silicon Valley culture. Now we will have an office and senior staff here to make it happen. We are a small PR firm, with all senior-level PR professionals. Clients get personal attention and high-level communications counsel and practice.


Washington D.C. experience and inside-the-beltway communications

What’s happening in D.C. is impacting your business, and you can have a voice in D.C. and be a thought leader without being partisan and pissing off customers, your staff and even Trump. CEO Trey Ditto was Communications Director for a U.S. Congressman, spokesperson at the U.S. Department of Education and has managed communications efforts for everyone from Oliver Stone to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Managing Director Blain Rethmeier has extensive experience in the White House, federal agencies and Capitol Hill, regulated industries and association management. He directed all aspects of public affairs for the National Economic Council and Homeland Security Council. And earlier this year was asked by the current Administration to help lead the Senate confirmation for General John Kelly who is now Secretary of Homeland Security.


Specialized Services: Messaging, media relations and content creation

We don't do everything. We only offer services we excel at and know we will succeed at. We specialize in messaging, media relations, content creation and surveys. If you are launching a product or making an announcement, call us.


Pricing: Four price points for flexibility and affordability

We have created a pricing structure that makes us accessible and affordable to everyone. Not every client has the same needs. Some require a full team each month, some aren't ready for a big financial commitment, some are start-ups with limited budgets, and some just need a few hours each month.