"The Ditto team is smart, effective and delivers on a consistent basis.  Stax’s thought leadership is developed via our deep domain expertise across industry sector and horizontally across business functions. Their team is really fast at absorbing the subjects, working with us on best articulation for media, and getting the dots connected.  They work well across our director team, are effective with our time and we all like them personally. Hard to ask for more."

Rafi Musher | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

"I have known and worked with Trey Ditto for the past seven years. He is talented and creative and can truly and easily grasp what direction PR for an individual or organization requires. Trey and his team are responsive, reliable and always available to move in any direction when a story hits and expertise in the media is needed.

I have found Trey to be smart, savvy and always on top of the latest topics and opportunities related to my unique area of law practice. His collaborative writing skills are top notch. Trey and his team are a pleasure to work with and I would and do recommend Ditto to many colleagues in a variety of areas."

Carolyn Wolf | Partner

"Some of the highlights of working with Ditto over the last few years have been strong business and trade press, especially the TV appearances, as well as placements in newspapers. Team Ditto really understands the STA point of view and they are able to successfully pitch editors and reporters to generate great stories for us as experts not only in financial publications, but mainstream national news as well.

Team Ditto has been a strong presence providing PR strategy and execution from the big interviews, to the small details like growing the Facebook page. Trey and the team are always available and have met all of our expectations." 

Lance Roberts | General Partner

"We are extremely happy with the firms’ partnership. The Ditto team was able to very quickly understand what VIA is about and what we wanted to accomplish. It was easy to work together to identify strategic initiatives and within the first week to actively profile key VIA members and their voices, to establish which topics they would be expert sources in.

Ditto exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled with the work. Out of the gate team Ditto placed our key people on national and cable news, discussing the relevant topics and industries VIA wants to be known in.

One of the biggest strengths of the team is mediation, they don’t just field media requests but create interesting angle and ideas, forming the best iterations of what VIA wants to be discussing. We are very satisfied with the performance and looking to do more and conquering the world of Advertising!"

John Coleman | CEO & Founder

"We put together an ambitious 32-day, 32-city promotional tour for the release of our feature documentary. Ditto handled our PR and made sure that we started the tour with a USA Today news article. They also saw to it that we had local and regional press in every one of our 32 cities. When we arrived in Manhattan midway through the tour, Team Ditto met us and personally prepped and escorted us from one interview to the next as we were featured in over a half dozen national press outlets.

Trey personally places effort and emphasis on ensuring adequate research and background for the campaign at hand. His team is very knowledgeable and personable in working to learn more about a particular subject to ensure that they can best represent us to media outlets. Team Ditto is incredibly personable and there was not a time where we could not communicate with someone on the team about an upcoming or pressing concern regarding an interview. When possible they were there with us, either physically or on the phone, making sure that it was a smooth interview.

We had great results – the measure of any endeavor – and would recommend that any group seeking national exposure for their efforts use Ditto to gain the publicity they are looking to achieve." 

Vincent Vittorio | Producer