Our Clients

Ditto has worked for Fortune 500 companies, former Heads of State, large and small tech companies, innovators, small businesses, education initiatives and the entertainment industry. We understand just about every issue and how to reach B2B and B2C audiences. You get strategic counsel and a plan that will deliver impactful results.


Team Ditto is a group of senior staff that specializes in impactful public relations. Our focus is media relations, national media coverage, strategic local press and trade publications. Clients look to us for messaging and positioning, social media strategy, speaking engagements, awards, and executive thought leadership. 

About Trey

Trey Ditto was never a PR person by trade. He started his career in the newsroom of the Associated Press and went on to lead communications for a Governor, Congressman and at the U.S. Department of Education. Since '07, clients have loyally followed Trey because he delivers the results he promises them.