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Ledger @ CES

Blockchain & Crypto, Media Relations


Ledger is the leading cryptocurrency hardware and blockchain security company. Ledger created an innovative hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies in the form of a USB stick.


Ledger, already a Ditto client, was announcing their new Ledger Nano X a bluetooth-enabled multicurrency hardware wallet created to store crypto offline at CES. Ledger was also congruently debuting Ledger Live, their new mobile app that is compatible with their new wallet. Ledger’s previous version of the wallet sold 1.5 million units.


2018 was a rough year for crypto and media attention was focused on the price of Bitcoin rather than technological developments in the space. There’s also a steep education curve for mainstream consumers when it comes to crypto and blockchain.  

CES presented its own challenges. On the ground of the noisiest consumer electronics show, the exhibition hall is filled with new products making it nearly impossible to stand out with a hardware launch. Given that CES is a mainstream show, alternative technology like cryptocurrency isn’t a focus for reporters or consumers.


Ditto crafted a strategic approach to cut through the noise and capture attention:

  • Ditto set an embargo for the day before CES started to ensure we could get in front of top-tier, mainstream reporters before other brands and get coverage before the show.
  • Ditto used the buzz created by these early articles as leverage to pitch on the ground at CES for additional coverage.
  • Ditto looked well outside of the CES press list and targeted relevant media not in attendance to get broader coverage and reach target audiences.


Ditto secured an extensive list of coverage of mainstream outlets and specialized crypto trades, as well top tier publications, like Forbes.  Launch coverage was led by TechCrunch, Mashable, PC Mag, The Verge, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk and The Block. The launch was also covered by a number of international outlets.


Blockchain & Crypto, Media Relations